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We’ve Unveiled Enhanced Merchant Monitoring Features

Including Merchant Onboarding, Persistent Monitoring and Transaction Laundering capabilities to ensure seamless merchant monitoring compliance

We’re all about an omni-channel approach to compliance coverage and the three new features we’ve added to our Merchant Monitoring solution take our merchant program to another level. We’re excited to announce these new features:


  • MERCHANT ONBOARDING: includes consistent, systematic review of the merchants’ web presence, data, and business activity. Through a new partnership with LexisNexis enhanced data is now also available through one unified PerformLine platform.
  • PERSISTENT MONITORING: utilizes PerformLine’s proprietary web crawler for DAILY monitoring and validation that a merchant not only has a valid, legal, ethical business selling what they purport to sell, but they continue to meet these criteria post onboarding; includes screenshots and workflow tool to document remediation.
  • TRANSACTION LAUNDERING: this functionality utilized at onboarding as well as iteratively throughout the merchant relationship, increases risk mitigation by scanning for common elements of transaction laundering with detection that combines user behavior, traffic flow and highly developed algorithms.


We spent a lot of time collecting data from customers, prospects, partners and industry leaders to learn what they really wanted to see in a monitoring platform for merchants -- and then we acted on it. The result: PerformLine now provides a centralized point of access, control and reporting for all phases of the merchant management lifecycle, to compliment an overall approach to compliance monitoring.


If you’d like to learn how PerformLine’s Merchant Monitoring solution provides massive efficiencies through automation and relentless oversight to ensure seamless merchant management and compliance contact us here.

Claire Milazzo, VP of Marketing

As vice president of marketing, Claire oversees the company’s customer marketing, lead generation marketing, content strategy, events ​and corporate communications efforts. Claire has over 25 years of experience in media sales and marketing. Outside of work Claire loves to spend time with her family at the beach and soccer games.

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