6 Best Practices for Social Media Marketing & Compliance

By Gianna Barrere
June 25, 2019

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing channels used by companies today. It vastly extends the boundaries of reach, influence and engagement in ways that are unprecedented - but beware, with great reach also comes great risk.

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In recent years, influencers and others alike have fallen under scrutiny from the FTC and other regulators. In 2017, the FTC sent out over 90 warning letters to influencers and marketers regarding deceptive or misleading posts. Since then, the commission has released their Endorsement Guides on how to properly disclose a material connection when promoting or endorsing a brand or product on social media. 

With an ever-changing regulatory landscape for social media, how can you be sure that you are within regulation? Learn best practices from industry experts on how to stay compliant on social media while still being authentic, creative and spontaneous in our guide, 6 Best Practices for Social Media Marketing.


Tags: Regulatory Compliance, Thought Leadership, Social Media, Risk Management


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