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Foreign Language Compliance Monitoring

The PerformLine platform now delivers automated compliance solutions across multilingual consumer interactions.

The consumer audiences that enterprises address and the communication channels used to reach them can be diverse. Marketing campaigns communicate with consumers in a multitude of languages, not just English. But for companies in highly regulated industries, compliance must still be at the forefront of any interaction with consumers, English speaking or not.

Because of this need, we’re happy to announce that the PerformLine platform now provides Compliance Monitoring for Foreign Languages. Now, any enterprise can achieve multilingual compliance coverage and scale across their consumer channels including web, call centers and chat.  


Here are just some of the unique benefits this capability brings to any enterprise using the PerformLine platform:

  • Just as PerformLine discovers, monitors and scores English language web pages, calls and chat content, it can now perform those same functions in other foreign languages such as Spanish (LATAM, Spain), Dutch and French to name a few
  • Seamless ingestion of marketing content across various languages allows for monitoring of the marketing channels in their native languages
  • Quick and easy implementation through translation of existing campaigns
  • Save time and money by allowing PerformLine to do the heavy lifting of monitoring and scoring identified areas of risk

Our clients' growing businesses, customer bases and aspirations for the future have made this capability a necessity. We’ve answered by building a solution that will help all enterprises, large or small, reach an unprecedented level of compliance coverage and risk mitigation.


If you’d like to learn how PerformLine’s Compliance Monitoring for Foreign Languages provides massive efficiencies through automation to ensure brand and regulatory compliance, let's talk!


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Jason Schickel

Jason, Senior Product Manager at PerformLine, works to strengthen the PerformLine platform offering. Jason comes from a unique background building platform class applications at Shutterstock and MediaMath. In his spare time you can find him rooting for Penn State, cycling, and consulting in the pageantry arts.

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