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Claire Milazzo, VP of Marketing

As Vice President of Marketing, Claire is responsible for building the PerformLine brand by creating and executing an integrated marketing strategy, creating customer marketing programs, and building events that educate the industry. Claire has over 25 years of marketing and media sales experience Outside of work Claire loves to spend time with her family at the beach and soccer games.

Tech Innovation & The Solve for Financial Institutions During A Crisis

The COVID19 pandemic has upended nearly every aspect of life, including how companies interact with their customers, and how custo...

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Why the CFPB Is Educating Servicemembers and Why That's Important for Financial Institutions

Since 2015, there has been a 104% increase in the number of deceptive marketing and advertising complaints in the Consumer Financi...

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Protect Your Organization While Working Remote With Automated Compliance Monitoring Oversight

With the challenging situation many organizations are finding themselves in regarding COVID-19, it’s important to protect consumer...

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What You Need to Know About Consumer Complaint Trends from the CFPB’s Database

Please note: This article was published in 2020 and the data outlined may no longer be accurate.

Our recent analysis of the Consu...

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The Major Regulatory Agencies for Financial Institutions

A regulatory agency is an organization that creates, oversees and enforces standards for specific fields of activities. For those ...

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What is Social Media Compliance?

Social media compliance means ensuring that your company’s marketing content across social media channels follows the rules and re...

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What Is Marketing Compliance?

Simply put, marketing compliance is ensuring that your company’s marketing, advertising, and sales content follows rules set by th...

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15 Things CMOs Need to Know About Marketing and Regulatory Compliance

It is no secret that Chief Marketing Officers have a lot of responsibilities on their plates. From creating, communicating, organi...

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4 Must-Do's to Meet the CFPB Code of Conduct

Since 2011, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has provided about $13.2 billion in relief to consumers from their enf...

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