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Jason Krumenaker

As a Client Success Manager at PerformLine, Jason works with clients to optimize PerformLine to meet their compliance needs and find efficiencies to allow teams of any size scale to meet the growing regulatory demands surrounding their industries. Outside of PerformLine, Jason enjoys rooting for the Seton Hall Pirates with his wife and their cat Merlin.

Text Messages & Chat: What You Should Know About Compliance

Different forms of messaging, such as text messages and chat boxes, are subject to regulation and enforcement by government reg...

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Email Marketing: Regulatory Compliance for Financial Institutions

When you think of email compliance, you might think more about the “who” — as in, who you’re sending to, having the right permi...

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Tags: Product, Regulatory Compliance, Email Marketing

Get the 2021 Complaint Risk Signal Report

An analysis of consumer complaints submitted to the CFPB and the risk signals they present for financial institutions.