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Compliance Challenges For Mortgage Servicers During COVID-19 [Report]

In our 2020 Consumer Complaints Report, we took a deep dive into the mortgage-specific issues that consumers are facing due to...

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COVID-19, Consumer Complaints, and Financial Institutions [Data]

As the pandemic continues, financial institutions find themselves facing unprecedented challenges, such as handling escalating...

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Consumer Complaint Counts Can Help Determine Enforcement Risk [Report]

Every year in our annual Consumer Complaints Report, we take a look at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)’s...

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Helpful Resources On The Election’s Impact on Regulatory Compliance and the Financial Services Industry

As the 2020 election continues and we wait for a final call of who will be our president for the next four years, what lies...

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How Do the FTC and CFPB Use Consumer Complaint Data?

In our most recent edition of the Consumer Complaints Report, we took a deep dive into consumer complaint data collected by...

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Gearing Up to Buckle Down: How Election Results Could Affect Compliance

With election results soon to come, compliance officers around the country are bracing for a potential shake-up should a...

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Documents, Data, and Risk Management: Insights from Microsoft and PwC

In a recent COMPLY Summit Series event, we were joined by Alan Gibson, Assistant General Counsel of Compliance and Ethics at...

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11 Best Practices for Marketing Compliance

Ensuring marketing compliance is as important as ever in today’s highly-regulated world, especially for those in the financial...

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Prevention, Detection, and Remediation: CFTC’s Compliance Guidance

On September 10th, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) issued new guidance for financial institutions on the...

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An analysis of consumer complaints and the risk signals that they present for financial institutions