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Rhonda McGill

As Director of Client Solutions, Rhonda is responsible for leading PerformLine’s voice of the customer initiatives as the company continues to invest in its industry-leading compliance technology. Rhonda has over 20 years of experience in the housing and mortgage industry including development, homebuyer education and marketing and licensing compliance. Outside of work Rhonda loves to spend time with her family and enjoys cooking and canning.

Are We There Yet? Pushing for Equity…

In my last blog, I shared some thoughts around Fair Lending Laws, as it applies to Equity and Equality. In that post, I shared...

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Tags: Regulatory Compliance, Fair Lending

My Fair Lending! The Bottom Line on Fair Lending Laws

Over the weekend, I happened across the old classic movie/musical, “My Fair Lady” (1964) starring Audrey Hepburn as Eliza...

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Tags: Consumer Complaints, The Bottom Line, Fair Lending

Introducing your Greatest Asset… The Chief Compliance Officer

If you have been keeping up with the last few issues of The Bottom Line, you may have seen a theme evolving—and if you guessed...

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Tags: The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on RESPA and Brand Protection

Let’s Get Some RESPA….

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Tags: Mortgage, Consumer Protection, RESPA,

The Bottom Line on Consumer Protection in 2021

Out with the Old…

The new year is often a time of reflection and some of us even make a resolution or two so that we can...

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Tags: Consumer Protection, The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Brand Protection During COVID

I'm excited to announce the beginning of my new bi-weekly blog series called The Bottom Line, where I share my takes on the...

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Tags: Brand Management, COVID-19, The Bottom Line

Compliance for Financial Services in the Era of a Biden Administration

With the announcement of Joe Biden as the President-Elect, many are wondering, what does that mean for the world of compliance...

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Tags: Regulatory Compliance

The OCC's “True Lender” Final Rule

This week, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) finalized a rule that determines who is considered the “true...

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Tags: Regulatory Compliance, OCC, Banking


An analysis of consumer complaints and the risk signals that they present for financial institutions