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Tony Paterno, VP of Operations

As vice president of operations at PerformLine, Tony works alongside the contact center and operations teams to design technology used to leverage data, monitor for compliance, and increase profitability for its users. Outside of PerformLine, he coaches youth soccer.

Risk Management In Your Call Center: Compliance and Agent Performance

Many decisions made within companies come down to the question of risk vs. reward. While taking some risks may bring a company an ...

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Tags: Regulatory Compliance, Performance Management, Risk Management,

Getting Deeper Insights from Your Compliance and Performance Data

We are thrilled to formally announce the addition of Business Intelligence to PerformLine’s compliance platform. Every day, our pl...

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Tags: Product

PerformLine Launches Email Monitoring

Earlier this month, we announced the addition of Email Monitoring to our multi-channel compliance platform. Companies using the Pe...

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Multi-Language Compliance Monitoring

The consumer audiences that enterprises address and the communication channels used to reach them can be diverse. Marketing campai...

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5 Reasons Why It’s Time To Automate Your Quality Monitoring

All too often, contact centers remain lost in the dark ages of manual quality monitoring. Most experienced call center managers, a...

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How Speech Analytics Empowers Compliance Teams

Call centers generate vast amounts of data. From telephone switch data to CRM data to customer surveys, just organizing data in a ...

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