Becoming a Mother While Working at a Tech Company


Early in my career, I wanted to join a company where I could work hard, enjoy my colleagues, function both autonomously and collaboratively and earn meaningful growth. The more I network now, the more I realize just how high my expectations actually were back then and how lucky I was to land at PerformLine. From the very start, I was encouraged to explore my curiosities while leveraging career advice from my managers, support from my coworkers and encouraging words from my CEO. After proving myself in a “tour of duty” with analytics, I found my home on the technology team as the Director of Quality Assurance.

Since joining PerformLine, I have added the titles “Wife” and “Mother of Two” to my resume. I’ve always been very driven in my career so when it came to planning my personal goals, I had a similar drive. 

When I was pregnant with my first child, I thought I had it all figured out. My routine and my goals were simple, I thought:

  1. Breastfeed for one year
  2. Never miss dinnertime
  3. Take afternoon walks with the baby
  4. Always give baby a bath before bedtime.

The list went on... and as you can probably guess, I didn’t have things figured out quite the way I thought. As my pregnancy came to an end, my anxiety grew. How will I achieve all these routines and goals? Did I start a family too early in my career? WHAT HAVE I DONE?!

There are so many things that people tell you about motherhood that us new mothers tend to ignore. Feeding is not easy (isn’t it supposed to be natural?) and kids don’t sleep, to name a few. The challenges of motherhood didn't skip me, but I overcame them fast when I welcomed my first baby. A couple months later, it was time to transition back to work. I returned full of both excitement and worry.

Can I still do my job well? How will I catch up on everything that has changed? Can I still fulfill my duties at home while hitting professional goals? Will my career growth slow down?

Upon returning to work, I realized my nerves were all for naught as I was reminded that my PerformLine Family was there to support me in finding my new work-life harmony! I was given the flexibility to work from home a few days a week while transitioning back to work from maternity leave which allowed time for afternoon walks. Check! I was given a comfortable place and plenty of time to pump during the day allowing me to reach my one-year goal of breastfeeding. Check! I have never missed dinnertime and now bath time is always our favorite time of day. Check! Check!

During my first year as a working mother, I never felt absent at home but I also never felt like I under-performed as PerformLine’s Director of Quality Assurance. I was and still am part of my team’s success.

I know that my story is still unique despite many more women and mothers joining the Tech Industry. My experience of becoming a mother while working at PerformLine, a 50% female workforce, is what made it so easy to become a mother of two. My goals for my second child were the same as my first, and I am so happy to feel confident that I can reach them without sacrificing my career. I write this while I sit at my home office, before I step away to go feed my youngest.



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