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What Do Ben Nemtin & Andrew Smith Have In Common? [COMPLY2020 Keynotes]

As featured keynotes at COMPLY, both Ben Nemtin and Andrew Smith will share invaluable insights for attendees.

We’re excited to announce two exciting additions to the COMPLY2020 speaker lineup: Ben Nemtin, #1 New York Times bestselling author of What Do You Want To Do Before You Die? and star of the documentary TV show The Buried Life; and Andrew Smith, the FTC’s Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection.

These two dynamic figures may have different backgrounds, but the insights they have to share will prove invaluable to every attendee.

Inspirational Keynote: Ben Nemtin

Ben-Nemtin-COMPLY2020Ben Nemtin is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of What Do You Want To Do Before You Die? and a star of the MTV show The Buried Life. An acclaimed keynote speaker, Ben has presented his “5 Steps to Make the Impossible Possible” to business conferences and corporate leadership teams around the world—COMPLY2020 soon to be one of them!

A decade ago, Ben was knocked off his feet by a heavy depression. In an attempt to feel more alive, he created the world’s greatest bucket list with his three best friends. They borrowed a rickety old RV and criss-crossed North America, achieving the unthinkable. And most importantly, every time they accomplished a dream, they helped a complete stranger cross something off their bucket list. From playing basketball with President Obama to having a beer with Prince Harry, from raising over $400,000 for charity to placing a record-breaking $250,000 bet on roulette—Ben’s bucket list quest has inspired millions to chase their dreams.

Ben’s keynote will be nothing short of powerful and inspiring and will leave attendees feeling that they are capable of the impossible.


Regulatory Keynote: Andrew Smith

Andrew-Smith-FTC-COMPLY2020Andrew Smith is the Director of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, whose mandate is to protect consumers against unfair, deceptive or fraudulent practices. The Bureau collects consumer complaints, conducts investigations, develops rules to maintain a fair marketplace and educates consumers and businesses about their rights and responsibilities.

Joining the COMPLY2020 speaker lineup for the second year in a row, Andrew Smith will share his take on the FTC’s law enforcement priorities for fintech, including lead generation, Internet advertising, loan origination, decision science, payments, servicing and collections. He will also discuss some notable FTC cases and initiatives from the past year and what that means for businesses moving forward. 

Smith’s session will leave attendees equipped with the expert insights they need to get out in front of enforcement actions and to allow their compliance departments to thrive.

The COMPLY2020 speaker roster is already lined up with experts from industries like lending, consumer finance, banking and more from companies like Capital One, Robinhood, Elevate Credit and Upstart–and the list keeps growing. Join us May 5-6 in NYC to learn from these industry leaders on the most pressing topics facing the regulatory ecosystem.



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