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COMPLY2020: Accelerating Growth Through Compliance

Compliance is an essential part of the consumer finance ecosystem and plays a key role in an organization’s ability to thrive.

COMPLY brings together the most comprehensive gathering of compliance and risk professionals, sales and marketing leaders, innovators, legal experts and regulators for two days full of learning, networking, collaboration and fun. In its sixth year, COMPLY2020 will embrace the idea that compliance is essential for an organization’s growth and success—organizations must COMPLY to THRIVE.

This May, the compliance, risk and regtech ecosystem will unite again at COMPLY to collaborate and make connections that focus their business on what’s ahead. 

In 2018, we helped compliance professionals COMPLY Like A Boss, where we saw leadership taking true ownership of their organizations’ compliance programs and their future.

In 2019, we learned how to COMPLY Together based on the idea that compliance is not an individual or single department’s responsibility anymore–compliance works when collaboration, partnership, and idea-sharing take place inside and outside of the organization, and across the industry.

Now in 2020, it’s critical to understand that as your customers go digital, so must your compliance program. A compliance transformation is taking place in financial services, technology, insurance and more—the time is now to join your peers and learn how to COMPLY 2 THRIVE.

Together at COMPLY2020, we'll tackle topics that amplify the belief that compliance is a catalyst for organizations to accelerate their goals, sustain growth and bring new insights into focus with these sessions & more: 


An Outlook from Chief Compliance Officers

Third-party risks, new regulations, global expansion, learning and implementing new technologies like AI and ever-changing regulatory environments are just a few of the challenges faced by Chief Compliance Officers. So how are CCOs overcoming these competing demands to keep their organizations at low risk and ahead of the competition? Learn their practical approaches to the challenges and changes that their compliance teams are faced with as they help their organization thrive.


Marketing & Sales Compliance: The Hurdles, The Highlights and The Hustle

Innovative and inspiring marketers are engaging more consumers, using technology to move faster and using compliance as a competitive advantage. Listen in for boots-on-the-ground anecdotes on how these marketers and their partners have handled the balancing act of proactively managing compliance to protect their brands while crushing their customer acquisition goals. 


Bank-FinTech Partnerships, The New Dating Game

Banks and Fintechs may still be in the dating phase but finding a relationship that works is critical to their future success. Join this fun, lively and unique format where we put the early adopters on the spot ala The Dating Game. Hear how these traditional banks and their “born digital” fintech partners are getting to know each other, their differences and their strengths in order to leverage the relationships and maximize benefits for both sides.


Using Compliance Data Analytics to Thrive

Harnessing all of the compliance data your company holds can unlock an early warning and monitoring system for compliance risks. Learn how these experts are analyzing compliance data to mine for patterns and anomalies to uncover things like fraud, policy violations, and other misconduct which can then be used to proactively manage and reduce compliance risks and help your organization to thrive.


Join the industry May 5-6 in NYC as we collaborate, connect, and point our compass to make 2020 the year we COMPLY 2 THRIVE.


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