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Customer Story: The Quest for Complete Call Coverage to Reduce Risk

A partnership with PerformLine allowed this company's small QA team to monitor 100% of their calls each month.

Risk from the unknown (or unmonitored in this case) can be unnerving, especially for a compliance team. Knowing that risk could be lurking, this company's QA agents were working to manually review as many calls as possible but still only handling a fraction of their 100% call review goal. This client understood the risks they were susceptible to, but their bandwidth was holding them back from reviewing all of their calls. That led them to partner with PerformLine, an automated call monitoring solution, to get 100% coverage and new insights they never had before!


Learn how through their partnership with PerformLine, this small QA team was able to monitor and review 100% of their calls each month without adding new headcount. PerformLine has helped many companies like this one mitigate risk, save money and protect their brands - find out how by downloading their customer story.



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Allison Butler

As a marketing specialist at PerformLine, Allison works closely with the client success team, contributes to event coordination, manages all social media channels and works closely with her team on all marketing campaigns. Outside of PerformLine, she enjoys traveling, being outdoors and spending time with family, friends and her dog Scarlet.

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