Dear Compliance Monitor: Your job will not be replaced anytime soon...seriously

As with any major technological evolution, we often hear as much about the perceived risks of the technology as we do about the likely positive impacts. What we are experiencing today with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning powered solutions, is no different. I love the Jetson’s analogies as much as the next person, but the reality is that rarely has the doomsday mentality toward technological advances been proven out. My bet is that AI will be no exception and companies across all industries will continue to hire mere flesh and blood human workers.

In practice, the core value of PerformLine’s compliance monitoring solution is the perfect analogy to this argument. The very best speech analytics technology is only made stronger with proper human insight and interaction.

Every day I meet with customers and potential customers alike who have had lackluster experiences with speech analytics; often the root cause of these problems is tied to unrealistic expectations stemming from the word “automation.”  When it comes to AI and machine learning technologies for speech analytics, Automation does not equal no human interaction...and it shouldn’t.  Context is a critical variable to the overall success of automation. Over time, a machine learning platform makes AI smarter and provides memory to intelligent interfaces utilizing AI.

However, just as we humans can and do make false assumptions, so too will automated solutions. Herein lies the power, and frankly the differentiator of PerformLine: we combine these exceptional technologies with a human element that is skilled in the practice and application of regulatory rules sets. We believe we have partnered with one of the best providers of speech analytics technology and that when combined with our own proprietary technology and the expertise of our team, we have unlocked a powerful compliance fighting combination of man and machine.

At PerformLine, our philosophy is simple; to continually seek out the technologies and people to make our overall solution and solution delivery exceptional. The technology is an enabler for highly skilled people to perform at maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Join us on Thursday, Sept 7th at 11am PT/2pm ET as we demonstrate how PerformLine has combined the leading speech analytics technology of VoiceBase, with our own proprietary technology and staff to deliver a world class compliance solution, leading the emerging RegTech industry. With PerformLine, businesses can achieve omni-channel compliance with one turn-key solution, and utilize industry leading speech recognition and speech analytics to instill confidence in customers that their data is taken care of.


P.S. COMPLY2017’s panel Data, Intelligence and Bots is now on-demand and can be viewed at any time. Learn from my discussion with fellow panelists from Bayview Loan Servicing, Pypestream and Olark as we explored the different approaches to managing enterprise compliance and the chain of accountability.

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