Getting Deeper Insights from Your Compliance and Performance Data

By Tony Paterno, VP of Operations
September 12, 2019

We are thrilled to formally announce the addition of Pro Analytics to PerformLine’s compliance platform. Everyday, our platform generates millions of powerful business-critical data points for our clients, and now they can be harnessed into customized insights with Pro Analytics.

Every organization has unique needs when it comes to data and the insights they are looking for. With the enhanced capabilities Pro Analytics provides, users can now interact, manipulate and create tailored data-driven stories to answer their most acute and pressing questions. Pro Analytics empowers confident decision making with data-driven stories, in just a few clicks.

How does Pro Analytics work? 

When combined with PerformLine’s standard reporting interface, Pro Analytics enhances the capability of our reporting technology. It provides one robust system with on-demand access to additional comprehensive analyses and visualizations that uncover deeper relationships within data, including:

    • Performance of marketing and customer acquisition partners, domains, agents & departments
    • QA activities across agents or vendors
    • Rulebook management analytics
    • Remediation efficiency over time
    • KPIs comparisons across lines of business

Earlier this summer, we previewed Pro Analytics within an exclusive client workshop at COMPLY and since then have onboarded both existing and new clients to Pro Analytics. These clients are experiencing the tremendous benefits the technology offers including:

    • Analysis of both performance and compliance data for a complete picture
    • Insights to improve speed-to-market, accelerate sales, measure success and drive efficiencies
    • Custom reports on the metrics that matter for Compliance, Sales, Content Controls, Operations, Legal and C-Suites

Pro Analytics was born out of PerformLine’s relentless quest to turn data into insights and to provide a product that helps users make the most out of their data, ultimately making more informed, smarter business decisions. It’s been rewarding to see such a quick client adoption to using Pro Analytics and to see our clients dig their heels into the deeper data insights.

If you’d like to learn more about Pro Analytics capabilities and the suite of compliance offerings PerformLine’s platform provides, speak to one of our experts today.


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