New Partnership with JetSpring's Chat Services

As technology becomes a ubiquitous feature of daily job performance across the workforce, it’s exciting when we discover great companies whose technological solutions work so well with ours.

We’re excited to bring JetSpring, a chat services provider, into our partner portfolio for many reasons, but what we really like is that their solution can make a huge difference for our EDU customers adopting chat as a new communications channel.

So often, EDU customers let us know that they are adding chat to their customer engagement channels and ask us to monitor their chat transcripts just as we do their calls or URLs.

When a school decides to add chat as a communication channel, there are many decisions they must make before chat sessions can begin and chat transcripts exist: How do we want to use chat? For recruitment? For admissions? For student communications? Web chat? Mobile chat? Do we need to hire specially trained people to chat? (etc.)

JetSpring’s services package all the elements necessary for a successful chat engagement: the chat technology, the experience to correctly situate chat invitations, and skilled agents trained in chat-based communication. Over the past several years, JetSpring has launched chat for EDU programs of all types and sizes, many times over.

There are many reasons to evaluate using a chat services provider. Whether you are in the process of planning to launch chat, reevaluating your current program due to lack of success, or just want to move your existing program to the next level, companies like JetSpring can add value. Here are a few reasons why we’ve added them to our partner portfolio:

  • Case studies show that within a single four-month enrollment period, an average of 22.2% of JetSpring live chats convert to leads, and of those leads, an average of 16.4% convert to enrolled students. 
  • JetSpring’s solution is designed both to produce positive results quickly and to sustain those results over a long time. The above study also covered data from a larger 18-month period, during which it was found that 22.6% of JetSpring live chats converted to leads and 14.7% of leads converted to enrollments.
  • Data shows that outsourcing live chat to JetSpring saves employees an average of 3.67 work days per month and allows that time to be reallocated to other valuable tasks.

PeformLine remains the best solution for omni-channel monitoring of marketing and regulatory compliance, and now through our partnership with JetSpring, we help JetSpring users maximize the value of their newest communication channel quickly and efficiently.

Let's chat! For more information about how PerformLine and JetSpring integrate, you can contact 

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