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Learn the Risk Signals from the Consumer Complaint Database

We’ve analyzed the CFPB’s consumer complaint database, company responses and enforcement actions to garner key insights for any organization.

Consumer complaints have effects beyond reputational damage—they can often be the source guiding regulatory actions. Every organization should understand the nature of complaints and how regulators use them.

Complaints about your organization, and your competitors, can serve as an invaluable building block to recognizing compliance risks and learning how to protect your organization from potential harm.


In the latest edition of our annual Complaint Risk Signal Report, we analyze the data from the CFPB's Consumer Complaint Database and their enforcement actions to provide insights into the trends you should know about. 


Some key learnings from this report include:

  • How many complaints put a company at risk of enforcement
  • The potential liability of fines when reaching certain complaint thresholds
  • How complaints from Special Groups increase potential risk


Download the report to learn about key observations and actionable takeaways to help your company mitigate risk and get out in front of enforcement actions.



Claire Milazzo, VP of Marketing

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