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What Is Marketing Compliance?

The basics about marketing compliance, why it's important, and what makes it difficult.

Simply put, marketing compliance is ensuring that your company’s marketing, advertising and sales content follows rules set by the government. These standards are put in place to protect consumers from being misled or deceived by businesses. In practice, marketing compliance is making sure that your content and copy are always in line with these rules no matter where they end up. Whether these messages are on the web, in an email or communicated by phone or chat in contact centers, your company is responsible for making sure the messaging is consistent and abides by those rules.

Why Is It Important to Make Sure Your Marketing Is Compliant?

Your copy that’s out there is more often than not the first impression consumers get about your brand. If you make a bad impression, it weakens your relationship with potential customers and tarnishes your reputation. Not only that, there are laws that prohibit certain types of language or deceptive acts. If federal or state regulators find  that your brand’s messaging isn't abiding by those laws, they can open an investigation, file a lawsuit and ultimately fine your company.

Why Is Marketing Compliance So Difficult?

When it comes to marketing nowadays, you might be tempted to think that all you have to do is have your marketing or compliance team double check their work to make sure it meets legal and brand requirements—and voila, all is ok.

However, this is not the case. Once your message is out there, it can end up in hundreds of thousands of places across the internet, whether published by you, a partner or an affiliate. The same thing happens in contact centers, where tens or hundreds of agents are using your messaging to promote your brand. Thus, ensuring that your message to your customers is consistent across all these platforms is a huge task for any marketing or compliance department to undertake.

The Bottom Line: Take The Steps Needed To Achieve Marketing Compliance

How can you be sure that your messaging is compliant across all of your marketing and sales channels? See our tips from a previous blog post, “What Every Marketer Needs to Know to Fuel Growth Safely (and Legally).”

Marketing compliance doesn’t have to be challenging.

Technology can automate many steps of your compliance efforts. With the help of an automated platform, potential compliance issues can be automatically discovered, tracked and escalated across all of those thousands of sources. PerformLine helps both large and small organizations comply with laws, avoid sending the wrong message, manage multiple marketing channels and monitor contact centers for marketing compliance.

For additional information on how to monitor your marketing channels for compliance, sign up for a free demo of our marketing compliance solution.

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