[Case Study] How OnDeck Increased Their Compliance Oversight by Over 760%

OnDeck.jpegAt Money20/20, we hosted a lunch with OnDeck CEO Noah Breslow, attended by some of the top names in payments and fintech. Noah gave his outlook on the industry and the Innovative Lending Platform Association (including OnDeck, Kabbage, and CAN Capital) that recently launched, and he discussed OnDeck's partnership with PerformLine.

Here's a preview of our case study on OnDeck's success with us.


OnDeck is the leader in online small business lending. Since 2007, the company has powered Main Street’s growth through advanced lending technology and a constant dedication to customer service. 

As their company grew, they wanted more thorough review of their consumer interactions. PerformLine delivered.

The Challenge

Before the partnership with PerformLine, OnDeck was manually reviewing about 10-15 calls a month for each agent, which didn’t provide the level of compliance review, insights and data the company aspired to. OnDeck wanted to review the calls handled by their Direct Sales and Renewal agents more extensively for compliance and QA.

Here’s where PerformLine came in.

Download the full case study to learn how PerformLine delivered an all-in-one compliance monitoring solution for OnDeck.


Want to learn how PerformLine can improve your business’s risk mitigation across all consumer interactions channels? Contact one of our experts here.

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