Our Commitment to Closing the Gender Gap

By Liz Willette
September 15, 2016

It’s no secret that gender inequality is rampant within the technology industry – and more specifically within startups nationwide. Despite women representing about 50% of graduates in technical fields, they are grossly under-represented in candidate pools as well as in companies. In fact, a recent survey by Fortune of the top 9 tech companies in Silicon Valley reveals that on average, women comprise only about one-third of the workforce. When you look at senior management, the gap increases. Even the most diverse company in the survey shows only 29% of leadership jobs going to women.

However, recent studies have shown that diversity is key to higher revenue. Gender-diverse work teams are the most productive, increasing revenue gain by 41%, and companies with more women on their board of directors experience higher financial performance. A diverse team comprised of men and women at every level of the business can give your team a significant edge over the competition by creating more cohesive, productive, and dynamic teams.

At PerformLine, closing the gender gap is a huge part of how we continue to innovate and disrupt the tech space. Here’s how we attract, hire, and retain the kind of talent that drives our company’s growth:

1. We’re Proactive.

We don’t simply post a job and wait for candidates to come running. This year, a whopping 40% of the PerformLine team came from referrals in our network of employees, clients, and friends. As for incoming applicants, we make sure that our job descriptions and social media postings are attractive to both men and women. (We avoid these words that tend to keep women from applying for a job.). Being proactive isn’t a one-off initiative at PerformLine either. We foster continued support from our employees, executives, and friends to keep diversity at the forefront of our business strategy. By utilizing these varied avenues and tactics to build our talent pool, we naturally attract a more diverse group of candidates. 

2. We Focus on Core Values.

Increasing the number of female candidates who apply is just the start. After reeling in those diverse candidates, PerformLine ensures women are not overlooked in the hiring process.  The most important traits we consider as a growth stage company are our core values—the qualities we embody as a group to drive our decision-making and allow us to reach our goals together. Focusing on values pulls interviewers away from tapping into subconscious biases when picturing candidates within their current team. By requiring challenges and homework throughout the hiring process, we are able to identify talent that will #ThinkBig, #ActWithUrgency, #WinAsATeam, and #HaveMoreFun at PerformLine. Finding qualified individuals who bring the hustle, innovation, and grit that the team thrives on is an important first step towards the diversity that will fuel the future of the tech industry.

3. We Create a Culture Where Diversity Will Thrive.

In the all too common homogenous environment of tech companies, women often feel out of place and uncomfortable. On top of that, women are leaving the tech industry (often never to return) due to lack of support during motherhood. PerformLine avoids this all too common issue by offering maternity leave that allows new mothers a minimum of three months post-leave to gradually transition back to work through flexible work-from-home schedules. We also provide a private room for pumping to make their work environment comfortable during this time. By ensuring long-term work-life balance, PerformLine creates an environment that equally accepts and accommodates men and women. Removing these stress factors allows us to not only foster diversity, higher job satisfaction, and retention, but also a higher quality of work overall.

At PerformLine diversity in the workplace is not just an initiative, but rather a company culture sustained by employees, executives, and their networks. By recognizing and addressing our industry’s inequality, PerformLine rose above the industry standard with 42% of women in our company overall, and we are working hard to increase that percentage further. PerformLine is not afraid to disrupt the market, and it is crucial that our field focuses on disrupting our own industry to create a more diverse and prosperous future.

Looking for your next career move? PerformLine is looking for highly motivated and out-of-the-box thinkers to join our fast-paced company. Check out our openings here.

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