Hear From CCOs, State Regulators at COMPLY Summit

We're excited to announce the COMPLY Summit agenda which covers the most pressing topics facing our industry today in...

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The Bottom Line on Consumer Protection in 2021

Out with the Old…

The new year is often a time of reflection and some of us even make a resolution or two so that we can...

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Best of 2020: Our Most Sought-After Content

Are you looking to lay the groundwork for a successful 2021? We’ve got you covered. 

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The Bottom Line on Brand Protection During COVID

I'm excited to announce the beginning of my new bi-weekly blog series called The Bottom Line, where I share my takes on the...

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Looking Ahead to 2021: What Can Consumer Complaints Tell Us?

As 2020 is coming to an end, we’re wrapping up this blog series by taking a look at the trends that shaped 2019 and 2020 to...

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Social Media Images: Your Compliance Blindspot? [And the Solution]

There is an infinite amount of content shared across social media channels every single day. Every minute, there are 456,000...

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Hot Consumer Complaint Topics: Credit Reporting & Debt Collection

Credit reporting and debt collection continue to be some of the most-complained about consumer finance products—and both have...

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Military Complaints Are Down, Regulatory Scrutiny Is Up

Often required to move at a moment’s notice, work temporarily away from their families, or endure long deployments to another...

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Compliance Challenges For Mortgage Servicers During COVID-19 [Report]

In our 2020 Consumer Complaints Report, we took a deep dive into the mortgage-specific issues that consumers are facing due to...

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Get the 2021 Complaint Risk Signal Report

An analysis of consumer complaints submitted to the CFPB and the risk signals they present for financial institutions.