Facilitating Marketing Compliance Between Lead Buyers and Sellers

Lead sellers running affiliate programs in the  lead generation industry are under more scrutiny than ever from their lead buyers after the July 1st launch of new U.S. Department of Education (DOE) regulations. Lead buyers require compliance. And many lead buyers define “proof” of compliance as full transparency of their lead sources. But for lead sellers, giving away this proprietary information is risky. It’s the secret sauce of the most reputable affiliate networks in the industry.

Some sellers have taken drastic steps to ensure that the lead generation services it provides to its education clients fully reflect recent guidance from the DOE. We have been informed of lead programs from major providers that have completely stopped for a full audit. But most companies can not take that revenue risk.

Today PerformLine announced PerformMatch™ Private Link Service. This service provides higher education marketers compliance monitoring for affiliate referring URLs,
while allowing lead sellers to keep all referring URLs confidential.

PerformLine is able to solve the friction in the marketplace caused by both maintaining the confidentiality of proprietary assets of the lead sellers as well as ensuring compliance for the lead buyers. As an independent source of compliance, we are able to listen to the challenges on both the buy and sell side. We created the only independent verification solution that enables lead sellers to provide the compliance monitoring data that schools are demanding while still keeping their vast array of affiliate referring URLs concealed. It’s a win-win for all.

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