Pioneers in Omni-Channel Merchant Monitoring

For over a decade, processors monitored their e-commerce merchants by checking websites for bad activity. Now that payments has become omni-channel — with the integration of offline and online customer interactions for a rich customer journey — we’re the first to adapt to that change.

PerformLine recently launched an omni-channel merchant monitoring solution, providing web, voice, and chat oversight. No other platform provides oversight of these channels simultaneously to provide a single view of merchant compliance. The comprehensive nature affords our clients automation and efficiency otherwise not obtainable  resulting in massive time and money savings.

Why voice and chat, in addition to the usual web monitoring? Changes in the regulatory tide are now causing companies to be implicated for regulatory violations outside of the web. Processors have become subject to lawsuits related to TCPA (and otherwise), showing that risk still remains in more traditional customer interactions channels. And with payments companies integrating various channels into their overall customer experience strategy, omni-channel merchant monitoring is becoming the way to go.

Want to hear more on this topic? Join me at the Merchant Acquirers Committee (MAC) 2017 Annual Conference for a deep dive into merchant monitoring. I’ll cover this and more on 3/22 at 12:55pm for the Ask The Expert Lunch located in the Nikko Room. You come with questions, I’ll have the answers.

Let’s meet at MAC 2017! Let me know when you’re free to discuss our omni-channel monitoring solution for payments companies.


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