REGULATORY ALERT: FTC Operation Full Disclosure

By Gianna Barrere
September 29, 2014

FTC_Full_DisclosureLook alive advertisers.

As recently stated by the FTC, Operation Full Disclosure is in full effect. With the initiative to improve disclosures in advertising, 60+ of the largest advertisers in the US have been targeted and formally warned for deception — failing to provide “clear and conspicuous” disclosures in their ads. This operation takes many aspects into consideration when it comes to your ads, but when it comes to disclosures, ALL strings must be attached. Catch our drift?

Not to worry, that’s why you have us.

If you work with PerformLine, you know our compliance monitoring platform, PerformMatch, provides real-time automated monitoring across all channels of your marketing footprint. We’ll help keep all of your advertising AND disclosures in compliance with the FTC’s guidelines.

While events continue to unfold, it’s critical to understand what’s impacting your brand in real-time with the data and insights that allow you to take action. Speak to one of our experts today to learn how we can help you protect your brand during this time and beyond.

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An analysis of consumer complaints submitted to the CFPB and the risk signals they present for financial institutions.