The Captain Sails On

I met David Morgan in 2012 when he was running the lead generation business at and I pitched him to buy our software. I was really impressed with the work he was doing there around advertising compliance and he was impressed with our software, so much so, that lucky for us he decided to join PerformLine. Now, after dedicating himself to PerformLine as our CRO for the past six and a half years, David is moving on and it’s time to say good bye and good luck to our friend “the Captain.”

When David joined us we were just a handful of SaaS newbies pioneering a new sector we called Marketing Compliance. The sector we were trailblazing was a long way from growing into the expansive “RegTech” category it is today. At the time, we only had a handful of small customers, and the closest thing we had to a customer summit was a breakfast we hosted at a lead gen conference. A far cry from where PerformLine is now in large part thanks to David. His unique blend of intellect, hustle and passion ignited take off for our start-up. He was our biggest evangelist, rocking the conference circuit and speaking/moderating on endless panels and webinars. Through his tenacity, we were able to do what most SaaS companies don’t dare attempt, funding growth primarily through sales! This, in turn, allowed us to call our own shots and grow at the pace we were comfortable with. I will forever be thankful for David for his contributions.

David is the kind of sales executive who advocates for his prospects and the company at the same time. Both sides feel like they won on a deal David orchestrates. He is also a selfless sales executive. He is the first one to thank his team and all people contributing to getting the deal done. A bit of a running joke around the office is how many “thank-yous” he will doll out at our All Hands meetings! 

Today, the PerformLine client roster includes some of the world’s leading brands in banking, lending, credit, sharing economy, mortgage, and education. We’re the market leaders of a sector expected to reach $120 billion by 2020 and we are planning our 5th compliance and RegTech conference. This wouldn’t have been possible without David. He has helped teach and build a strong team of high achieving sales executives that will carry the torch through our next phase of growth. David’s egoless commitment to improvement helped create the opportunities to onboard amazing new talent like our inspirational, VP of Sales, Chris Dessi.

On behalf of all our customers, partners and employees, thank you, Captain! It has been a hell of a ride together. We wish you well!


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