3 Reasons Why Interns Thrive at PerformLine

By Liz Willette
July 27, 2017

It’s no secret that here at PerformLine we love our interns, and take pride in watching them blossom personally and professionally – while also seeing valuable ROI for our organization.  Although they work on impactful team initiatives, our internships aren’t focused on becoming experts in just one particular wheelhouse; the experience is about getting their hands dirty and exploring a spectrum of interests while connecting with a wide variety of people.

At PerformLine, we continuously work to ensure our full-time employees are growing, IMG_3131.jpglearning, networking, and are otherwise satisfied at work and with each other.  Why should the mentality be any different with our interns?

Here are just a few ways our interns are benefiting from the program:

  1. Mentor Personally - We offer a mentorship program at PerformLine where each intern must choose a mentor outside of their department that they can use as a sounding board for questions, concerns, and struggles they are navigating as they near college graduation. This allows our full-time employees to grow as individuals, while facilitating interdepartmental connections for the interns.

  2. Coach Professionally - Our interns leave the program with not only college credits, but revamped resumes, in depth interview training, and even mock interview experience to help them get the roles they want in the future at the companies that excite them. We ensure they not only look good on paper, but also have real, impactful stories of success to share from their experiences at PerformLine.

  3. Facilitate Networking - PerformLine CEO & Founder Alex Baydin prioritizes getting to know each and every intern through a CEO Town Hall. During that meetup, Alex offers advice and answers any questions they may have for him - from how and why the company was founded to learning what lies ahead for the future of PerformLine. In turn, meaningful relationships are built with teammates, managers, mentors, and even the leadership team thus creating a strong professional network that is often non-existent when they arrive.

We’ve seen a strong ROI from the time and energy our team invests into the PerformLine internship program.  Upon graduation, interns often find that PerformLine is where they want to start their career- in fact 42% of the time they do! And of the interns hired, we’ve seen them come full circle by managing and mentoring interns themselves.

It’s a great feeling to provide a strong internship program and watch these students grow into impactful and professional full time contributors.  This bench of qualified candidates has helped us scale our culture and company efficiently through the last few years.

Do YOU know any stellar students?  Have them apply today!


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