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The Bottom Line on Brand Protection During COVID

I'm excited to announce the beginning of my new bi-weekly blog series called The Bottom Line, where I share my takes on the most...

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Tags: Brand Management, COVID-19, The Bottom Line

How to Ensure Employee Compliance on Social Media [PART 4]

Posts on social media made by an employee could be viewed by the public as reflecting the financial institution’s official...

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Tags: Regulatory Compliance, Social Media, Social Media Compliance Series, Risk Management, Brand Management

The Performance Metrics You Should Be Looking At In Your Call Center

Effective and attentive communication is an essential aspect to the relationship between a call center rep and a customer or...

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Tags: Performance Management, Call Center, Brand Management

What You Need to Know About Consumer Complaint Trends from the CFPB’s Database

Please note: This article was published in 2020 and the data outlined may no longer be accurate.

Our recent analysis of the...

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Tags: Regulatory Compliance, CFPB, Consumer Protection, Credit Reporting, Complaint Management,

Text Messages & Chat: What You Should Know About Compliance

Different forms of messaging, such as text messages and chat boxes, are subject to regulation and enforcement by government...

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Tags: Product, Regulatory Compliance, TCPA, Consumer Protection, Brand Management

15 Things CMOs Need to Know About Marketing and Regulatory Compliance

It is no secret that Chief Marketing Officers have a lot of responsibilities on their plates. From creating, communicating,...

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Tags: Advertising, Complaint Management, Risk Management, Endorsements, Compliance Monitoring,