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15 Things CMOs Need to Know About Marketing and Regulatory Compliance

It is no secret that Chief Marketing Officers have a lot of responsibilities on their plates. From creating, communicating,...

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3 Takeaways On the FTC’s Crackdown on Lead Gen & Deceptive Marketing

The FTC recently announced a $30M settlement with a company because their lead generators were deceptive in their marketing...

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Tags: Regulatory Compliance, Lead Gen, Risk Management, Compliance Monitoring

4 Must-Do's to Meet the CFPB Code of Conduct

Since 2011, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has provided about $13.2 billion in relief to consumers from their...

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Tags: Regulatory Compliance, CFPB, Risk Management, Compliance Monitoring

What Every Marketer Needs to Know to Fuel Growth Safely and Legally

Every day, you are churning out content that will go in front of hundreds, thousands, or perhaps even millions of viewers. You...

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4 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs a Multi-Channel Compliance Program

As regulatory technology continues to anticipate and solve for compliance management, senior risk leaders now have the option...

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Using Automated Compliance Monitoring to Protect Service Members

Nothing makes the Business Intelligence team at PerformLine think of the Fourth of July more than fireworks, grilling, and ...

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PerformLine's Omni-Channel Compliance Solution Featured in Banking CIO Outlook

PerformLine was recently recognized as a Top 10 RegTech Solution Provider by CEOs, CIOs, VCs and Banking CIO Outlook's...

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Get the 2021 Complaint Risk Signal Report

An analysis of consumer complaints submitted to the CFPB and the risk signals they present for financial institutions.