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Common Marketing Compliance Issues and How to Avoid Them

PerformLine’s latest report outlines the most common marketing compliance issues facing the consumer finance industry today. In a...

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Tags: Marketing Compliance

What Do Burger King and Financial Institutions Have in Common?

Fast-food chain Burger King is under fire for deceptively advertising their Whoppers to be 35% larger than they actually are, and...

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Tags: Advertising, Marketing Compliance

Marketing Compliance Trends for FinTechs (+ Their Bank Partners)

Fintech-bank partnerships have become the norm in recent years, with the number of these partnerships growing over 5x in the past...

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Tags: Marketing Compliance, Fintech, Partner Banks

Comply Now, Don’t Pay Later: Compliance Trends for BNPL Lenders

With increased regulatory scrutiny and formal regulation looming for the Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) industry, marketing compliance...

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Tags: CFPB, Marketing Compliance, BNPL

Compliance Teams: The Superheroes of Marketing Compliance [Stats]

Non-compliant marketing communications are the nemesis of any organization operating in a highly regulated industry. All it takes...

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Tags: Compliance Monitoring, Marketing Compliance

Marketing Compliance Trends for the Mortgage Industry [Infographic]

Marketing compliance is as important as ever in 2022 for mortgage lenders and servicers, and staying on top of current trends and...

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Tags: Mortgage, Marketing Compliance, Mortgage Servicing

2021 Wrapped: This Year's Top Trending Marketing Compliance Content

Are you looking to lay the groundwork for a successful 2022? We’ve got you covered. Here are PerformLine’s top trending special...

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Tags: Marketing Compliance

The Impact of Increased Enforcement on Marketing Compliance

Ensuring consumers are treated fairly during the entire lending process without deception or discrimination is not only critical,...

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Tags: Mortgage, Marketing Compliance, Enforcement

Social Media Compliance Monitoring for Loan Officers

Now more than ever it’s critical for mortgage lenders to have a social media presence in order to connect with prospective...

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