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Paid Social Media: Risks + Why You Should Be Monitoring for Compliance

In today’s social media age, smart organizations are monitoring organic social media posts for compliance in some capacity,...

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Tags: Social Media, Risk Management

Sales Compliance: What Is It & Why Is It Important?

Sales compliance is ensuring that all of your organization’s sales communications follow the rules set by the government. Many of...

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Tags: Regulatory Compliance, Thought Leadership, Risk Management

Fair Lending - The Road Forward for Banks and Fintech

This past October, Rhonda McGill, PerformLine’s Senior Director of Client Solutions, moderated a panel discussion at the Lend360...

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Tags: Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management, RegTech, Fair Lending, Fintech,

CFPB Consumer Complaint & Enforcement Trends [Free Risk Assessment]

Every year, we release our Complaint Risk Signal report that dives deep into consumer complaint data from the Consumer Financial...

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Tags: CFPB, Risk Management, COVID-19, Consumer Complaints

Using Risk Data & Analytics To Thrive

Harnessing all of the data your company holds can unlock an early warning system for risk, but building out a risk and data...

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Tags: Innovation, Risk Management, Data and Analytics, Webinar

Risk Management In Your Call Center: Compliance and Agent Performance

Many decisions made within companies come down to the question of risk vs. reward. While taking some risks may bring a company an...

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Tags: Regulatory Compliance, Performance Management, Risk Management, Call Center, Compliance Monitoring

Compliance Initiatives for Partner Bank and Fintech Card Programs

In the past few years there’s been an increase in fintechs partnering with behind-the-scenes banks in order to issue credit cards...

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Tags: Risk Management, Banking, Credit Cards

3 Trends That Leave Credit Card Issuers Exposed To Risk

Over 190 million Americans have credit cards with an average of 2.7 cards per holder, making them one of the most commonly-held...

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Tags: Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management, Compliance Monitoring, Banking, Credit Cards

Social Media Compliance Monitoring for Loan Officers

Now more than ever it’s critical for mortgage lenders to have a social media presence in order to connect with prospective...

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Tags: Regulatory Compliance, Social Media, Social Media Compliance Series, Risk Management, Compliance Monitoring,