What We're Thankful For at PerformLine

By Liz Willette
November 20, 2018

When faced with answering the question, “What are you most thankful for at PerformLine?” I didn’t hesitate to respond with, “that’s simple, the people I work with everyday.” As an employee who spends more time at work than at home, like most working people do, it’s a blessing to be surrounded by truly awesome people who have become my work family. Working alongside motivated, smart and driven people who pour out contagious energy day in and day out is something I am thankful for. 

The holiday season is upon us and as we take a moment to reflect on this past year, we've come to realize the things we are most thankful for at PerformLine. After spending some time asking my colleagues what they are most thankful for, I found one overwhelmingly common theme: the people!

"I'm most thankful for the supportive, helpful, and positive team I get to work with every day; we lift each other up and have fun!"
- Caitlin Price, Executive Assistant

“I am thankful that you can 100% be yourself and no one will judge you. You don’t have to change your personality to fit in here.”
– Liz Spence, Client Success


“I am most thankful for our core values #WinAsATeam and #HaveMoreFun. Those are two simple sounding values, but they don’t always exist in every work environment. Both are huge contributors to the overall culture of PerformLine, which I am grateful for.”
– Paul Monticello, Sales


“I'm thankful to be at a company that values the relationships everyone has with each other. We don't come to work in a sterile environment where the work is a chore, but rather to a place where we see the people we know well, and work with them as friends to achieve something great!”
- Jason Schickel, Product


“I am most grateful for my team. I LOVE working with people who are problem solvers, act like owners and bring passion everyday. My coworkers keep me excited to be here, push me to create change and help our company continue to pioneer the RegTech space!”
- Liz Willette, Human Resources

“I am so thankful that every day I get to work with and learn from the most encouraging and inspiring group of people. We all have one common goal of leading our company towards growth and success by staying true to our company's core values and culture." 
- Allison Butler, Marketing

It's safe to say that at PerformLine, the people here value each other and love working together to achieve something great. We always #WinAsATeam to get the job done and have fun while doing it.


Happy Thanksgiving, from our team to yours!


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