Beating the Intern Stereotype

By Melissa Boniface
July 19, 2018

As I sit here at my desk writing this blog post, I'm in the good company of our CEO’s dog, Waffles. To me, Waffles is a symbol of PerformLine’s culture and core values — he’s friendly and always smiling as he makes his way around the office; and he’s quick, acting with urgency like the rest of the PerformLine team.

In June, I began my first internship at PerformLine. At just 19 years old, I was fearful of my first "9-5 office job." I’m pleased that the assumption I’d be doing busy work and making coffee runs was far from reality. My daily routine is no different than the rest of the employees here.

For a small company, we sure do fill big shoes. PerformLine's culture is the driving force behind our success – we love what we do and who we do it with. I am treated with the same respect and given the same responsibility as full-time employees.

Even as an intern, I know I am an asset to this company. I'm not alone either, as 1/3 of PerformLine interns return for another semester after getting a taste of what it's like.

I am excited to highlight some of my outside-of-the-job-description experiences:

  • Underwent on-boarding with every department at the company to broaden my knowledge of startup business operations
  • Revised my LinkedIn profile and resume to better market my accomplishments
  • Met with a mentor outside of my department to ensure that I am learning things beyond my direct role here
  • Witnessed some of the most competitive games of Ping-Pong at PerformLine HQ
  • Worked from our cool WeWork office in NYC for a day
  • Made two amazing new friends, my fellow interns, Chris and Jon. Together we enjoy a walk around Morristown after lunch every day
  • Prepped for future interviews with the head of HR
  • Have my picture on the website (along with Waffles and the rest of the PerformLine team!)

From my first month at PerformLine, I have learned not to fear life after my college graduation. Because of PerformLine, I am more confident in my ability to conquer the next chapter of my life.

Above all, I've realized “adulting" is way better than I thought, especially with the support of inspiring colleagues who want to see me grow and succeed!

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